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Saturday Atlanta Falcons Discussion: Michael Palmer's Upside

When I'm mulling over these discussions, I find myself returning to the tight end position over and over again. I guess you could say there's a few questions swirling around the future of Tony Gonzalez, Justin Peelle and Michael Palmer.

Today we're going to concentrate on Palmer. Let's face it: Tony Gonzalez will be gone sooner rather than later, and Peelle is no one's idea of a quality starting option at this point in his career. That leaves Palmer as the only in-house option as a starter.

Personally, I believe Palmer's our long-term backup at the position, with a future draft pick or free agent signing to start. As well-rounded a player as he is, Thousand Palms of Fury doesn't have the upside to be more than a stop-gap starter at the position. As a backup tight end, though, he was a steal as an undrafted free agent.

Feel free to disagree with me. Who do you think is the long-term starter at the position?