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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Gonzo the Mentor

If you don't like Kyle Rudolph, then you're probably a Virgil Green fan. Green is projected as a 3rd-5th round pick, which makes drafting him even more palatable for the Red-Nosed Reindeer haters out there. Tony G tweeted this today:

We have another athlete on board at All Pro Science. One of the best TE's going pro this year. @ Welcome!

All Pro Science is Gonzo's fitness/nutrition company. I'm by no means endorsing his product. Don't know anything about it to be honest. Just found it interesting that Tony G and Green already have this connection.

Obviously Gonzo has no (direct) role in prospect evaluation. And I'm speculating my tuchus off here, but maybe he knows something we don't, or maybe he just hopes we draft Green. I'm probably wrong, and this is more-likely-than-not all about business, though I'll be proclaiming my Vishnu-like status if he does become a Falcon. 

I'm sure Gonzo would gladly welcome a position-specific mentor role, regardless of who we draft. To me, that's one very persuasive reason to draft a TE in this draft. Learning from the greatest never hurts.

One more thing: Click that link in the quote box. Green is a BEAST. About one inch shorter and 15 lbs heavier than Gonzo. Plus he and Gonzo had the same combine 40 time (4.54 seconds).