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Atlanta Falcons Visit With Jerrel Jernigan A Second Time

The Falcons and Thomas Dimitroff have little interest in telegraphing their moves in the NFL Draft. So color me surprised that Jerrel Jernigan just came in for another visit with the team brass.

It's either an amazing deception or the chatter in league circles is true: The Falcons are high on Jernigan. Incredibly versatile, Jernigan reeled in 84 passes, 822 yards and six touchdowns, ran for 322 yards and returned a kick and punt each for a touchdown. If you could sum him up in a still photograph, it would be a tank with a flamethrower attached rolling through an oil depot. Explosive.

That's an element that the Falcons could use in their offense, assuming the team can loosen the reins on the Mike Mularkey's notoriously conservative playcalling. Turning Jernigan into the team's slot receiver, kick returner and option out of the backfield would be a great move, in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on the latest visit?