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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Matty Ice and Third Downs

Today's TWESOTE comes from the resident stat guru orang3b. He posted the following in the comments of a recent article and (as our own KMarch astutely observed) it is definitely front-page/discussion worthy :

[12 Rushing Attempts for Turner] vs 17 Pass Attempts for Ryan on 3rd & Short. Not as pass-wacky as a team like GB (28 Pass for Rodgers vs 12 Run for Kuhn), but we probably need to be pounding the ball a little more in short yardage situations. The big story to me is that we led the league in total Offensive Plays, but only had 29 plays (plus maybe a few QB sneaks or runs by Snelling) in 3rd & Short… from what I can tell, Ryan had the most Pass Attempts in the league in 3rd & Long (8+ Yards to-go) and the most Pass Attempts by a pretty big margin of 3rd & Medium (3-7 Yards to-go)

We're certainly not making it easy for our young QB. We led the league last year in third down conversion attempts. I think this shows - in a very tangible way - the sort of pressure Matty Ice is facing. And for all 3rd-down-related intents and purposes, he shined in 2010 (47% 3rd down conversion percentage - ranked 3rd in the league but would have been 1st in the league with 6 more converted 3rd downs). I just wonder how sustainable that success is if Mr. Ice doesn't get a few more 3rd & Shorts.

Discuss addicts of Falcohol! Discuss!