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Atlanta Falcons To Work Out Akeem Ayers

You all laughed when I listed Akeem Ayers as a potential Falcons draft pick.

"Dave," you said, chortling from your fainting couches as you swirled a snifter of brandy, "you imbecile. Akeem Ayers doesn't fit in this system. The Falcons won't draft a linebacker two years in a row in the first round. Even suggesting it is dumber than a bus full of mute children! You're a moron of the highest order, sirrah!"

Well, la-di-fargin'-da.

Setting aside my disdain, I still agree that the Falcons aren't real likely to end up with Ayers in the 2011 NFL Draft. His best fit is probably outside at linebacker in a 3-4, and draft pundit and friend Scott Carasik suggested that he'd be an awful selection in the first round for Atlanta based on his character, talent and so forth. Gotta respect that.

Still, Ayers has undeniable talent as a pass rusher and playmaker, and the fact that the Falcons are working him out suggests they have some level of interest. It wouldn't be the most shocking pick in the world, but I'd put the odds at well under 50 percent.

Of course, this report won't stop you all from mocking me. Have at it!