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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

I freaking love our team. Comrade has compiled a quality group of guys. Players that love the game and act like true professionals. We already knew some of the team was training at IGNITE. And today D-Led shared the following about the ad hoc training program some players are organizing:

Linebacker Coy Wire, the team’s player representative, and right tackle Tyson Clabo, the team’s alternate player rep, are coordinating the offseason program. Wire said about 30 players were on hand and that he expects near 100 percent participation.

"We have to take it upon ourselves to continue working in a manner that will allow us to continue to establish ourselves as one of the top teams in the NFL," Wire said.

"We don’t want to skip a beat," Wire said.

"If it does go through the time where we start getting into OTAs and mini-camps, we have a field that we can set up," Wire said. "We are going to have it lined professionally. We are going to have seven-on-seven drills, our walk-throughs ... again, my goal through all of this is to try to do what our organization would have us do. What we’ve been doing the past couple of years to build this program has worked. The Atlanta Falcons have made progress."

Wow. Really I could not be more impressed. They aren't being paid. Some of them probably don't have health insurance. Yet they're doing this. Say what you want about NFLers in general. But our guys don't fit the bill.