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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

I hate surprises. Can't stand them. Thankfully Gonzo isn't a fan either. He's being totally honest about his intentions if the labor dispute ruins our lives leads to the cancellation of the 2011 season. He had this to say today (to Clifton Brown of Sporting News):

"Would I sit out a whole season and come back — probably not, honestly," Gonzalez, 35, told Sporting News. "At this point, at my age, I don’t know if that would be smart of me to do something like that. But I’m enjoying the offseason, working out and preparing like I always do."

When I read this, my first thought was, "How does we change our draft approach?" Kyle Rudolph - all of a sudden - looks a lot more draftable. Then again, there's plenty of middle-round talent out there. Jordan Cameron has seen his stock rise as of late, but if he's there in the third, I'd love to see him in Black and Red. On the other hand, if we see progress towards an end to the lockout in the next month or so, I'd rather we address other needs in the draft.