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A Potential Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick: Von Miller

It's a bit shocking when the usually conservative Falcons are linked to a guy expected to go in the top five, but there you are.

I have it on good authority that the team is working hard to put themselves in a good position to trade up after Von Miller, the coveted Texas A&M linebacker who is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit to stop the NFL lockout. The interest is entirely understandable, even if the idea of leaping up ahead of a team like the Bills at #3 isn't.

Why Miller? You can describe him as an awesome pass rusher, intense and laser-focused on opportunities and lightning swift, not to mention excellent at getting to the quarterback. In 2009, he led the NCAA in sacks with 17, which is pretty damn jaw-dropping.

Let's face it: The Falcons need a pass rusher. He may be a linebacker, but I believe that in a 4-3 or 3-4, Miller's about as much of a sack sorcerer as anybody in this draft. The man had 27.5 sacks in the last two seasons. If you can find a way to argue with that production, you're like the Indiana Jones of stupid arguments.

But will Thomas Dimitroff pull the trigger on a trade like that? The Falcons were linked to trading up for A.J. Green, but that was never more than a pipe dream and I have reason to believe this could happen. The team would have to give up too much to do it, but I do like Miller. I'm going with my old standby argument of depth over one star player, myself.

You'll find Miller's game tape here and here. Would he be worth trading up for?

In case you were somehow still oblivious, this is the April Fool's post. Ha and stuff.