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A Potential Falcons Free Agent: Tiki Barber

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Let's level, Falcons fans. You're tired of the bruising running style of Michael Turner. You're exhausted by Jerious Norwood and his injury merry-go-round. Jason Snelling sounds more like the owner of an apple orchard than a running back. You're tired of the team having so much talent at running back, all under the age of 30. It's downright wearying!

I get it. The problem is, up until now, the free agents out there have been...talented. The draft is filled with too much young talent, too. What we want is someone old, someone whose passion for the game has been questioned constantly, a guy who hasn't played in the league since 2006.

We need Tiki Barber.

I know. You're saying to yourself, "a career average of 4.7 yards per carry? Over 10,000 yards?! This guy is talented and I hate that!" I hear you. I do. But the major advantage he has over guys like Jerome Harrison is the fact that he's 36 years old and walked away from the game while he was still playing at a high level so he could leap into a lucrative post-football career. Can Snelling say he's done that? No, he cannot.

And why stop at Tiki Barber? Terrell Owens is out there! We could get Troy Aikman to back up Matt Ryan! Raid the nursing home for cornerbacks! Exhume the remains of Otto Graham! I want the oldest team in the NFL on the field, complaining loudly about their Social Security and stocking Gatorade coolers with Jell-O. That's how you win a championship.

If there's two things the Falcons lack, it's age and ineffectiveness. Let's fix that and sign Barber right now.