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One Position The Falcons Shouldn't Draft This April

So you're Thomas Dimitroff, again. You've really got to stop possessing the poor guy, you know.

But the fact remains that by some whim of the universe, you are once again the comfortable shoes of the general manager of the Atlanta Falcons. This time, you're being tasked with another insane and nonsensical chore by someone who has puppet-like control over you. This time, you're being asked to declare one position that you will not be picking for come the 2011 NFL Draft.

Because it would be too boring otherwise, you're being told you can't use fullback as that position. You also can't cop out and say kicker or punter unless you offer a really compelling reason to do so. All other positions on the 53-man roster are eligible for the purposes of this discussion.

So go, Thomas Dimitroffs of this inane hypothetical world. Go and tell us what position you won't be drafting.