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Atlanta Falcons Declared City's Team Of The Year

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Apparently, there exists an annual celebration known as the Atlanta Sports Awards. I'm as surprised as you are.

The Falcons were the big winners in this year's awards ceremony, pulling down Team of the Year. Roddy White and his mystical receiving powers hauled in Sports Person of the Year. And finally, Our Coach Who Art In Flowery Branch, Mike Smith, also took Coach of the Year.

They're just more accolades, but it's nice to have recognition on the local level of the bang-up job the Falcons did in 2010. In case you've somehow forgotten between January and now, this is a team that went 13-3, took the #1 seed in the NFC and rocketed to its first ever back-to-back-to-back winning seasons. Someday we'll look back at the 2010 Falcons fondly, hopefully as a precursor to a historic seventeen-year Super Bowl winning streak. Ah, to dream!