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An NFC South News Bulletin: Panthers Leaning Toward Drafting Cam Newton

The Panthers are known to be openly lusting after a quarterback, with Jerry Richardson pouring on a gallon of cologne and making bedroom eyes at a class that includes Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert and a host of lesser options.

That's why it makes sense to me that the Panthers' best beat writer has the team picking Newton. The Panthers were a disaster last year for so many reasons, and I'm not sure a franchise quarterback is going to be the panacea everyone thinks it is. But it does make sense to bring in someone who will put butts in seats and potentially transform the fate of the franchise.

Out of all the quarterbacks in this draft, Cam Newton has the best chance to do that. With his freakish physical talents and off-the-field concerns, he's the biggest boom or bust guy teams could look at. And there are strong indications, according to Darin Gantt, that the Panthers are going to take him if they're going to take a QB.

You debate. If they take Newton, is it good or bad news for the Falcons?