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Atlanta Falcons Pick Up New Pre-Season Television, Radio Deals

After spending years with WXIA and DAVE.FM, the Falcons are making a switch to a new pair of local radio and television affiliates.

This is likely to mean a lot more to many of you down that way than it does to me, the crazy New Englander who gets the results of games via a chain of smoke signals that stretch up the Appalachians. But it's still a marked switch from those two stations over to CBS Atlanta and STAR 94/790 The Zone.

I'm familiar with The Zone, of course, but CBS Atlanta I didn't know too much about. It seems an even weirder choice when you consider what D. Orlando Ledbetter writes in that article:

CBS Atlanta, which shut down it’s sports department in April of 2010, seems a strange partner for the Falcons.

The station virtually runs no sports Monday through Thursday and normally have just spot coverage over the weekend. They do have a Saturday sports evening show featuring radio personalities from 790 The Zone.

Of course, the upshot of this is that if the owners get their way, you'll only have two pre-season games anyways. Discuss the news in the comments.