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Falcons TWESTOTE (Tweet, Stat, or Quote) of the Day

Paul Newberry (Associated Press Sports Writer) had this to say today re: the labor dispute/a new stadium for the Falcons:

The NFL keeps saying it needs more money to offset the cost of stadium construction, wanting another billion off the top from what it shares with the players. In an op-ed piece last month, commissioner Roger Goodell wrote that new facilities are needed in Minneapolis, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego—and Los Angeles? Goodell failed to mention the Atlanta Falcons are pushing for a new stadium financed with at least some public money, even though the Georgia Dome isn’t even two decades old. Just be prepared to drive over plenty of potholes getting to the new stadium, because the city is otherwise strapped for cash.

He's blunt. And he's right. I'd rather they invest in the neighborhoods surrounding the Dome and make the area more tailgate-friendly. But that's just me. Curious what y'all think.