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A Potential Atlanta Falcon Free Agent: Mike Sims-Walker

There's been enough chatter about this guy that I thought it would be reasonable to dedicate a post to him.

So who is Mike Sims-Walker? He's a 26 year old wide receiver who played his first three seasons in Jacksonville and has had mixed success. When he's on the field, he plays very well, as is evidenced by his career 13.5 yards per reception average and 14 touchdowns in what amounts to two seasons as a starter.

The problem with Sims-Walker has chiefly been staying healthy and a little bit of a wrestling match with consistency. He's yet to start 16 games in a season, which is a real concern for Falcons fans fretting over guys like Peria Jerry and Harry Douglas.

What would he offer the Falcons? Size, good wheels and quality route-running, with the potential to be a starter outside ahead of Michael Jenkins. He's one of the better free agent wide receivers, so it's not like he'll come cheap, but there are enough question marks that he won't break the bank.