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A Fond Look Back At The Falcons Blogosphere Predicting The Season

Presented with minimal comment for your amusement, the game effort of those associated with the Atlanta Falcons throughout the blogosphere to predict the season. The results weren't very pretty.

Some of the calls were uncannily good and some downright terrible, many of those belonging to me. The only thing I'm comfortable doing is busting on myself, so here's a short list of things I did right and wrong:


  • Called the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl. Wish I wasn't right about that one.
  • Called Roddy White being a Pro Bowler.


  • Predicted the Falcons would go 10-6 and get a Wild Card
  • Predicted Michael Turner would be the team's Offensive MVP
  • Picked Darelle Revis to be the league's Defensive MVP

Horribly Wrong

  • Picking the Chargers as the AFC Super Bowl representative. Oof.

Please use the comments to commiserate, share your own bad predictions or just gently mock us.