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Report: Falcons Work Out Two Miami Cornerbacks

Well, this certainly qualifies as a mild surprise.

I didn't think the Falcons would consider a cornerback at all before the fourth round or so, but here they are working out highly-regarded cornerback Brandon Harris. Though he wasn't as productive in college as you would hope for—three interceptions ain't a lot—Harris is widely considered a first or second day pick.

I still can't imagine this is anything more than the Falcons doing their due diligence, because I'm a believer that Harris is not the answer if the question is "how do we further improve the secondary?" He's got loads of talent, but I've yet to see anything that suggests he could beat out Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes for a starting job anytime soon. If he can't, he's not worth the pick. Pretty simple.

Honestly, the second guy they worked out is more intriguing to me. DeMarcus Van Dyke is 6 feet and only 174 pounds soaking wet, but he ran the fastest 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine (4.28 seconds) and posted identical interception numbers to Harris. He's a big-time project, but the speed and height make him extremely interesting, especially given his likely late-round draft status.

What do you guys think?