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Matt Ryan Inching Toward The Madden 2012 Cover

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There's a tournament on to find the next Madden cover athlete, and our favorite Matty Ice is prominently involved.

Jason Kirk had previously let us know about this tournament, but the newest development is that Matt Ryan absolutely crushed the Panthers' Jordan Gross, by a margin of 89 percent to 11 percent. This is not particularly surprising, given that Gross is both an offensive lineman and a Panther. Still impressive.

Ryan's actually got an outside shot to make it to the Final Four, given that he's currently matched up against notoriously rumbly running back Peyton Hillis, and from there he'll get the winner of the Jamaal Charles and Maurice Jones-Drew scrum. None of those are insurmountable.

The problem is that when he does make it past them, he'll have to deal with Aaron Rodgers, who is coming off of a Super Bowl win and a Super Bowl MVP and gosh, those eyes sparkle. I don't think Ryan's going to fare well there, but we can always try to get him over the hump.

I think the Madden curse is a load of crap, so I'd be thrilled to have our boy gracing the cover of the next game. What say you?