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Falcons TWESTOTE (Tweet, Stat, or Quote) of the Day

There are many ways to quantify what a given players means to a team. One such method/tool is +WPA (Positive Win Probability Added). Here's how it's calculated:

The difference between a team’s Win Probability (WP) at the start of a play and the WP at the end of the play. WPA is the measure of a play’s impact on the outcome of a game. An individual player’s WPA is the sum of the WPA of the plays in which that player was directly involved. Being directly involved is defined as an offensive player who ran, threw, or kicked the ball, was targeted by a pass, or flagged for a penalty. Defensive players are credited for WPA when they tackle or sack the ball carrier, are credited with an assisted tackle or sack, cause a fumble, defend a pass, or are flagged for a penalty.

Here are the top five +WPA from last year's regular season:

Player +WPA League-Wide Positional Rank
Ryan 4.75 1st
White 2.63 1st
Gonzalez 1.49 2nd
Grimes 1.34 10th
Abraham 1.11 12th