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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

I've caught off-season fever. Bad. And y'all know what that means ... it's time to muckrake! For serious though, our WR1 posted a disturbing tweet earlier today. At least it disturbed me. Kinda.

Long ride to bama now its time to workout loose my love handles tht I get every year from not doin nothing after the season

Now I know what you're mumbling: "Roddy is going to Alabama?! There's nothing but waffle houses and yellowhammers there!" While I'm equally disturbed by his foray into The Cotton State, I'm more worried about his conditioning. Don't get me wrong, clearly I recognize what Roddy does and has done for the Falcons. But he'll be on the wrong side of 30 come November and no matter how talented you are, regression is a nasty beast no NFLer can avoid.

I understand these guys work hard. They bust their tushis for 8 months and they deserve some downtime. But don't tell Grimsey that, because he doesn't care. Granted, Roddy's not Grimsey, not even close. In my defense, he was spouting promises of taking his career more seriously last fall. Do I think he won't be game-ready when camp breaks? Absolutely not. Still, stuff like this makes me question whether he wants to be one of the greatest, or whether he's content just being great.

Maybe I'm just crying over spilled milk. Maybe the milk is still in the jug. Maybe Roddy needs to stop tweeting. Curious what y'all think. Discuss Falcoholics! Discuss!