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The NFL Draft Is One Month Away

That roar you hear is the collective huzzahs of millions of weary football fans who have already endured enough this off-season and just want the NFL Draft to show up already.

Yes, we're only a month away from the April 28 kickoff to the three-day extravaganza that is the draft. The Atlanta Falcons will have a chance to significantly improve the team with a good draft, and we can cross our fingers that our NFC South rivals embarrass themselves in Radio City Music Hall.

I thought I'd kick today off by making this a general celebration and open thread for the draft. Talk your favorite prospects, how your view of who the Falcons will draft has changed over the last couple of months and whatever else is on your mind. No time like the present to start counting down.

Let's just hope the NFL Draft goes on as planned, given the labor uncertainty. I don't think I could stomach it if it didn't.