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NFL Owners Meeting Starts Today, Labor Talks Will Abound

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A week after the NFLPA's remnants got together to discuss the seemingly endless stream of labor woes the league is grappling with right now, the owners are meeting today to do the same.

We likely won't hear the results of this until a little later in the week, but rest assured the owners will be gunning for the former player's union as an April 6 court date looms. Since the lockout and the decertification by the union, there's been little in the way of substantive discussions by either side, so whatever comes out of this series of meetings is unlikely to do much to change that.

Drug testing is also likely to be a big topic. The owners are suddenly gearing up to push mandatory testing for human growth hormone and steroids, something that's as much a public relations move as it is a legitimate concern for the future of the league. Don't think it's going away.

Feel free to weigh in on the news here. I'll post any urgent updates as they come along.