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Saturday Six Pack: Nostalgia Because No News Edition 3/26/11

So I looked....and looked....and looked some more....and looked some more....and my eyes gazed upon a big, giant mass of nothing. "What the heck am I gonna do?" I thought.

Well, in my perusings of the Internet (Yes, I'm sure there's some new news SOMEWHERE, but I couldn't find anything that hadn't been discussed already.) I happened to look down at the news archives and see a story that said, "Falcons in Atlanta to Play Eagles". That seemed cool, but then I glanced at the date:

Aug. 1, 1966.

Yeah, it's nostalgic Falcons news time. Let's get this Saturday Nostalgia Six Pack rockin'!

Miami Herald: The Falcons hosted the Eagles in an exhibition game back in '66, the inaugural season. Seriously, read some of this and see if you recognize any names. I sure don't. Also, here's how the game ended. (St. Petersburg Times). It's pretty interesting to see a bunch of names from the inaugural team like that.

August, 1966: Atlanta Fans Boo Falcons. I'm beginning to wonder if the city and its people are spoiled. Seriously, you just got a football team a month earlier and you're already booing them? That's really lame. Also, after the lopsided loss to the Browns, the coach went on a cutting spree. They even cut their first round pick! Boy, how things change.

January-February, 1999: The Falcons Have Come A Long Way To Reach The Super Bowl. Ah, the nostalgia flows in this one. Names like Jessie Tuggle, Morten Anderson, Travis Hall, and Chris Chandler all ring bells. That was such a crazy year. We were the guys nobody wanted, and we stuck it to the darling Vikings in their house. Unfortunately, some stupidity happened and we failed miserably in a big game, something Georgia sports seems to be known for doing.

December, 1980: Despite loss, Falcons cruise into No. 1 seed in playoffs. Boy, does that sound familiar. I tell you what, you'd almost think we were destined to do some of this stuff. I don't recognize many of the names, probably because I'm not too too well versed in this era of Falcons football. It was a tough stretch, for sure.

October, 1968: After a couple failed years of Hecker, the Falcons hired NORM VAN BROCKLIN. I love his reply to the field goal question, and by love I mean I can't believe he was allowed to say that and get away with it. Seriously, that guy really was crazy.

Random Funny: After suffering a tough loss to the Packers, the Falcons had to re-envision their gameplan. After months of debate, the Falcons decided they shouldn't go easy on the opponents anymore and give them a little piece of this. It's a Duke Nukem bird, for sure.