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An Exercise In Futility: Projecting Stats For Falcons Receivers

It's a sleepy Saturday evening, so I figured now would be a good time to get your collective brains in gear with a stats-based discussion.

Oh, I won't be providing you any stats. Who do you think I am, James Rael? Don't be foolish.

What I am interested to see is what kind of numbers (receptions, yards, touchdowns, yards per reception, any advanced metric you like) the Falcons receiving corps is going to post in 2011. This not only will give us a glimpse into how you expect the depth chart to shake out, but how well you expect the passing game to gear up. Tight ends are included in this, by the way, so feel free to list Tony Gonzalez alongside Roddy White.

Consider it a community exercise in projection. Hope you enjoy it.