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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

Today's TWESTOTE isn't really Falcons-related, but it's definitely noteworthy. Millionaire Ken Lanci is suing the Cleveland Browns and the NFL for breach of contract and bad faith. He wants $50k and he wants it right meow!

It's a fight between billionaires and millionaires," Lanci said Friday in a phone interview. "There isn't any sympathy for multi-millionaires. It's just not going to happen. And somebody has to stand up and say, 'Enough's enough.'"

Lanci claimed that the lockout denies him the right under the personal seat licenses to go to Browns games and has destroyed the value of the seat-license agreement.

The lawsuit claims the NFL and its teams have "conspired with the Browns and one another to lock out the players, without justification, resulting in the Browns' breach of the PSL agreement."

Not sure he will win, or that it'd even make a difference if he did. I really do admire this guy though. He's a millionaire. Clearly he could clearly find some interesting ways to fill the time void that will result from a NFLless year. Maybe buy an island or something. But the man clearly loves him some football. And he's taking action, arguably on our behalf.

Some have suggested we (as fans) "strike" for a game or two, even if the lockout comes to an end, just to show the NFL and NFLPA that we won't tolerate this sort of nonsense. But what Lanci is doing seems like a better approach IMO. Curious what y'all think though.