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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

The NFL's new kickoff rule has been discussed around these parts ad nauseum. And we all have our opinions, ranging from disgust to indifference. But what does our own Pro Bowl special teamer think about it? Special himself tweeted the following yesterday afternoon:

i hate its gon be alot of touchbacks

Curiously enough, he wasn't actually asked what he thought of the new kickoff rule. He was asked (by a fan tweeter) whether he had any contempt for McKay. Glad he read between the lines.

Depending on who you ask, the new rule will result in anywhere from 10-30 percent more touchbacks. Certainly respect Special's opinion (hence why I'm posting this), but I'd be surprised if he didn't oppose it. It is - after all - his bread and butter at this point.

Personally my biggest qualm with the argument that we're looking at significantly more touchbacks is the lack of an accounting for the impact of the reduced running start (from 15 to 5 yards). Just looking at this from a logical standpoint, if the defenders can't get up to speed as quickly, then we'd have more returns anyway. Long story short, I'm not concerned, though I think the timing is off. I'd rather the NFLPA and owners make some progress re: ensuring there will be football this Fall, then we can worry about changing whatever rules need changing.