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Potential Falcons Draft Pick: ZaVious Robbins

via <a href=""></a> He might be a sleeper this year. Is he worth a look?
via He might be a sleeper this year. Is he worth a look?


Fear not, fellow Falcoholics. I was perusing the AJC's fan mock yesterday when I came across a particular name. That name was ZaVious Robbins. Someone had started talking this guy up on the comments, so I decided to take a look at this guy since we're waist deep in WR week anyway.

Needless to say, I came away impressed. A senior at Hardin-Simmons University, Robbins fits Dimitroff's style of player to the T. He was a team captain for 3 years and he's sporting a 3.93 GPA!

In 2010, he played 10 games and accrued 89 catches, 1271 yards, and 13 TDs (1 rushing). He was also an Academic Heisman Finalist in '09. Those are pretty impressive credentials. He also had no turnovers.

So I took a look at a highlight video, and here's what I noticed.

He possesses excellent hands. He tracks the ball in the air extremely well as well. He appears to share a running style with Titus Young. He looks a bit slow in some of the video, however his QB didn't always give him the best of throws. He made some pretty spectacular catches in the video which really showcased his hands and concentration. He also has some track running experience, so he should have some good speed under him, in theory. He has some kick returning experience, as you probably noticed, and he did have moments where he was visibly pulling away from the opponents.

He's from a really small school, but it should be known that a lot of small school prospects tend to work harder since nothing has ever been handed to them (unlike many of the mega-talented big school stars). Liken him to a Pierre Garcon of the Colts. Small school guy who came in and did pretty darn well. Robbins appears to have some speed. Could he be worth taking a look at in the draft or as a UDFA? Discuss!