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What Would John Abraham Have To Do To Get Into The Hall Of Fame?

We've got some good stuff coming your way tomorrow, but for tonight, we're sticking with the discussion posts.

I want to examine this question in more detail before the off-season is over, but I think it's fair to ask what John Abraham needs to do to get into the Hall of Fame. The Falcons defensive end has 102.5 sacks over the life of his career, It's a damn fine number, but he's still light years away from Bruce Smith (200), Reggie White (198) and even Kevin Greene (160).

So what would Abe have to do? Would 120 sacks be enough? 140? Is it even possible for him to get to those numbers, given the fact that he's on the wrong side of 30 years old?Will other things go into deciding his candidacy besides just sacks?

Debate, my friends. Debate!