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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

Football Outsiders just released their Worst Cornerback Charting Stats 2010 (minimum 40 charted passes). Guess what?! None of our CBs were mentioned! Huzzah! You're probably thinking and/or mumbling, "then why are you wasting our time James?"

My answer: mainly because I can. And more importantly, because the article contains a few interesting tid-bits worth mentioning. 

Do y'all remember when some Falcons fans were skeptical after we traded D-Hall for a second round pick in 2008's draft and a 5th round pick in 2009's draft? Well fear thee not, for redemption hath arrived. While Jay Cutler gave him a ridiculously inflated +WPA, he's truly re-defining poor CB play. He was third-worst in Yards Per Pass, second-worst in Success Rate, and third-worst in YAC Allowed.

Meanwhile, that second-round pick - with a little ooze for good measure - became Curtis "Eat Your Face" Lofton. And that fifth round pick - 317 pounds later - became Garrett "I'm Gonna Take Sam Baker's Job" Reynolds. Not a bad quid pro quo if you ask me.

Let the collective rejoicing commence.