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UGA Falcoholics, Report In!

As you all know, we're in the most dead part of the offseason and there isn't always something fresh and new to talk about (THAT DAVE HASN'T ALREADY PSYCHICALLY PREDICTED AND/OR STOLEN FROM ME) but I'll continue along the path of speculation by having a special announcement...

The announcement is, of course, as vague and unhelpful as any announcement coming from either Smitty or Comrade. 

That said, there is a pretty good possibility that I'll be attending UGA this fall to become Lord of....Awesome, as well as finish up my college education.

I do recall several of you guys saying you were from/in Athens for school, and if you'll be there this fall, naturally I'd love to meet you all. Yes, I'm doing this way in advance (I'll be posting this again this fall) but I know you guys love anything aside from draft speculation at this time of year, plus I'll just be hyping this up all summer.

Also, they have to, you know, accept me, but that hopefully shouldn't be too much of a problem. If for some reason they don't let me in, then @!#(%! !(@(%(%* !&& %!#  &!@ &% !@#*. We'll assume for the time being that that's where I'll be going.

Also, I'll be using this post to invite you all (that meaning everyone, not just UGA Falcoholics) to add me on Facebook. If anything, you're guaranteed to get a laugh out of some of the things I post on there, but I'm a pretty sociable guy, and I'd totally be down for more contact with you all if you're into Facebook and that kind of thing. I mainly say that because I'd love to get to know some of the awesome readers here and of course, I'm always down for some feedback on how I can improve what I do here for the site.

As an added bonus, this random video. It is a short clip of what my friends and I do during the day. I'm the guy with the UGA hoodie/aviators on. If you can't make that out, I'm the guy that flips out towards the end. My friend in the window seat cusses like once, but I only say that to cover my behind. Just know that my fake enraged gorilla road rage is probably what goes on in my mind when I have to wake up for school or something. Enjoy. :P

Anywho, if you're at or near UGA, give a shoutout on here or if you want to chat it up with me anytime, add me on facebook. Twitter's not quite personal enough for me. I look forward to hearing/seeing/whatevering you all!