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AJC: Atlanta Falcons Receiver Kerry Meier Recovering Ahead Of Schedule

There's a lot of news to mine out of this interview with Mike Smith from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but we'll start with everyone's favorite injured backup wide receiver today.

According to Smith, Meier is returning and is expected to make some kind of impact in 2011:

We will get Kerry Meier back. We were very impressed with him during the preseason. We felt that he was going to be a guy who could contribute not only on offense, but on special teams as well. He's ahead of schedule as well in terms of his rehabilitation.

This is great news for Meier, though the wide receiver depth chart is at best unsettled heading into next season. If Meier's ready to go early enough, he should be able to put his foot back in the door and try to compel the Falcons to give him Finn's old role as a fourth wide receiver. It really, really, really could happen.

So good news. Where do you think Meier will end up on the depth chart this year?