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Fox Sports: Falcons Will Not Re-Sign Brian Finneran, Brian Williams

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Business forces us to make hard decisions. Sometimes you have to let go of someone you admire personally because they no longer fit into your plans.

The Falcons are reportedly saying goodbye to Brian Finneran and Brian Williams, at least for now. The team will miss the physicality of Williams at cornerback, but that's a young man's position and Bwill seemed to be approaching that wince-inducing injury prone tag. I wish him well, but I have a feeling that Dominique Franks or an April draft pick can benefit from his impending release and (hopefully) approximate his value. 

Finneran, though.

I don't claim to speak for everyone, but I'll miss Finn. I've thought for the past several off-seasons that the Falcons would release him, and I've made my peace with it. At this point, he's a third down threat, a decent blocker and not a whole lot else, so from an on-the-field perspective, I get this move.

But it still sucks to see him go. Finn is an awesome guy, someone who played hard for the Falcons for 11 years and fought back from injuries to be a valuable player even in the twilight of his time in Atlanta. Over half of my years as a Falcons fan have been spent with Finneran on the roster, so saying goodbye to him is really like saying goodbye to a big piece of the team I love so dearly. I want to spend more time on his career when the formal release comes down the line, but for now I'll just say thank you.

He deserves a lot more than that. If nothing else, I hope they bring the guy back as a coach down the line.

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