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Saturday Six Pack: More Skill Positions Please Edition 3/19/11

It's so hot in my house right now, I could probably use a few of these served ice cold.
It's so hot in my house right now, I could probably use a few of these served ice cold.

This week is more lockout talk and more draft talk. This, my fellow Falcoholic friends, is the super dead part of the offseason where we hear about teams having private workouts with players and essentially keeping us guessing until draft day actually comes.

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: Who else but DOL to bat leadoff for us this week with a couple of good reads about the draft. First, his 3rd edition of his mock draft. He has us taking yet another Missouri Tiger in DE Aldon Smith. Well, I guess I can't say I'd complain about the pick. After all, the other two Tigers are serving us pretty darn well right now. Next, meet Troy WR Jerrel Jernigan. He was one of the receivers I didn't cover in my recent draft needs post, but rest assured he is getting a look from us and might be there for us in R2.

National Football Post: Now you've met Jerrel Jernigan, now rest assured that he has worked out for us. Here's to hoping that, whichever WR we pick, it's the right one. This is one pick we cannot afford to mess up. Next, Kendall Hunter has worked out for us, too. No news outta Randall Cobb, at least not from what I've seen yet. I don't think Kentucky has had their pro day yet, so we'll see.

ESPN: Pat Yasinskas over at ESPN offers his opinion on why the Falcons need a speed receiver. He's not too huge of a statistician, but I think he makes a strong case in the stats that he does offer. We need someone to stretch the field, and that's not a stretch. (See what I did there?)

Pride of Detroit: Our fellow NFL blog Pride of Detroit issues a post that isn't too happy with the new rule proposals. I have to agree with a lot of what is said in there. Some of the rule proposals are just silly, like eliminating the third challenge. Just because it's almost never used doesn't mean it isn't useful.

Stampede Blue: Another fellow blog (this time, the Colts) offers a Falcons 2011 season review. It's a pretty good post, and it's certainly worth a read if you have some spare time. I'm not sure I totally blame the secondary for what happened, but I'll agree we're very close to where we need to be.

Random Funny: This image! It's probably every man's dream, for sure, to be just like this guy.