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Falcons Send Contingent To Private Workout For Troy WR Jerrel Jernigan

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The Atlanta Falcons checking out a player is hardly news in and of itself, especially since I put up a FanShot about Jerrel Jernigan just last week. What is newsworthy is when they send Mike Smith, Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Mularkey to go watch him.

Widely thought of as a second-round pick at this point, Jernigan is a dynamic player with good speed and pretty good hands. The Falcons need an explosive receiver that fits that description, so it's little surprise they were interested. It was a little surprising that they sent in all the big guns, as D. Orlando Ledbetter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted in Friday's report.

At this point, I think most of us have gotten used to the idea that the Falcons are going to draft a receiver, and not of the project variety they've been so fond of in recent years. By bringing their GM, head coach and offensive coordinator to Jernigan's workout, they've given us an indication that it's going to be him or someone like him. Fortunately, there's a few talented receivers with good 40 times hanging out in this year's draft.