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Atlanta Falcons Looking Hard At Wide Receivers In The Draft

The Falcons have been linked to wide receivers in this year's NFL Draft since the beginning of time. On a wall somewhere in ancient Sumeria, there's a crude painting of a spiky haired man holding up a jersey with a smudged but faintly discernable "80," with a primitive calendar bearing the year 2011.

So it's little surprise that ESPN's Pat Yasinskas has the team linked to two more wide receivers, one for a private workout and one for a Pro Day. Neither figure to be first round picks, so we're perhaps getting the sense that the team is more likely to go the late round route. Perhaps.

The first name you know well. Yasinskas took a look at Vidal Hazelton last month, prompting our own article about the star-crossed receiver. An early round talent, Hazelton's history of injuries and other woes is going to keep him from being picked up before the sixth or seven round, but his size, speed and talent make him an intriguing project for the Falcons. Since the team is only sending a representative to his Cincinnati pro day, it's hard to say how serious they are, but at least the Falcons are kicking the metaphorical tires.

The second name is an intriguing one. Dwayne Harris is a senior out of East Carolina who stands about 5'11" and 205 pounds, and he was a very productive player at his school. At a 4.53 40 time, he's not exactly a burner, but his senior season was spent hauling in 101 passes for 1,223 yards and 10 touchdowns. He's an expected mid-to-late round pick, and the Falcons probably are looking at him because of his production and how well-rounded his skill set appears to be.

He'll get a private workout, too, so clearly the Georgia native is drawing real consideration.

What are your thoughts on these two?