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Of Eric Weems And His Future With The Atlanta Falcons

While writing up this morning's wide  receiver discussion, I started thinking about Eric Weems.

There's been two camps regarding the man we love to call Special Weems, who was one of the league's most dangerous returners in 2010. The first camp holds that he's such a dangerous weapon on special teams that he's earned the chance for an expanded role on offense, perhaps filling the downfield threat role that so many have clamored for.

The second camp, which counts among its membership one Dave Choate, opines that he's such a dangerous weapon on special teams that he should remain there. From my perspective, the more snaps he gets as something other than a returner and gunner, the less effective he's going to be in those specialty roles.

It's a legitimate debate. The Falcons have struggled to put big-play threats on the field consistently over the last several years, and certainly Weems is as fast and shifty as a slinky in a waterfall. But at the same time, he's a game-changer on special teams, and playing even 10-15 snaps a game on offense will inevitably take its toll on his stamina.

I don't claim to have the answers, but I do believe he's worth carrying as a ST guy alone. What are your thoughts?