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Saturday Six Pack: Lockout Extravaganza Edition 3/12/11

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Well, here we go. The lockout has essentially begun and here we are with the potential for no football in 2011. Do I expect that to happen? No, someone will eventually cave in and football will be had.

Anywho, let's get this Lockout Saturday Six Pack Rockin'!

ESPN: The NFLPA has decertified and is going the route of litigation. I'll be honest, I've read most of the mumbo jumbo that is about to go down, and while I don't understand it all, I hope everything gets resolved as quickly and peacefully. I just want some football to be played.

AJC: As always, the AJC provides some interesting reads. Jeff Schultz talks about Atlanta's GM rankings here. I'd say he's pretty much spot on. Liberty Media doesn't do many favors for their respective teams. Leon Stafford of the AJC talk about how a new stadium might pose some problems.

USA Today: Roger Yu of the USA Today writes that airlines are teaming with athletes to encourage sports fans. It tells an interesting tale about former QB Michael Vick and how everything was handled with him and AirTran.

Football  Reporters Online: "David Levy" on FRO writes about NFL fans should pay for their tickets and not stadiums. I tend to agree. This economy is already tough enough as it is, and inflating ticket prices so as to accommodate a new stadium is crazy! I could see where the fan could help with a little bit of it, perhaps, but there's gotta be a limit on how much money they charge extra. Not everyone is a raging billionaire, ya know.

CBS Atlanta: CBS Atlanta has announced that it will be airing the Falcons preseason games this year. If this is the same article that Dave has already done, I apologize for being a bum in this instance.

Random Funny: If I had the hair for this, I would so do this. This is fantastic.