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NFLPA Votes To Decertify, Rough Times Ahead

We're headed for the mother of all court battles now.

The NFLPA has formally voted to dissolve itself, paving the way for all sorts of fun legal action against the NFL. Essentially, the players are framing this as a way to head off a lockout and get free agency jumpstarted, while owners are sure to point to it as the players' attempt to squeeze more, more, more out of them. Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested that in his letter to fans, which you can read here.

So what happens next? The players are going to bring an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL, with the hope that it will be presided over by Judge David Doty, who seems as player-friendly as anybody out there. Nobody's really quite sure when free agency is going to start, so there's a lot of confusion out there.

All the Falcons can do is ride out the storm and be ready for free agency and the draft, whenever they may come. All we can do is wait.