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NFL Labor Talks Crumbling As Deadline Looms

By the time you read this, the NFLPA may be on the verge of decertifying, the first step in what is likely to be a protracted standoff between the NFL player union and the league.

According to a Tweet from the prolific Adam Schefter last night, things are about to "blow up" in the ongoing labor talks. Where I once had optimism that the two sides would be able to hammer out an agreement by the end of next week, with another extension today making it possible, I now think we're doomed to go without one for the foreseeable future.

This one could get ugly, folks. If the union decertifies, we get into legal battles that could stretch for weeks or months, plus a fresh shot of acrimony where none was really needed.

The only bright spot? By decertifying and pressing their legal case, the players may be able to get free agency and trades opened up for at least a short time before the draft, allowing a squished version of the regular off-season to go forward. That would at least give teams a chance to set their houses in order before the big day in April.