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Why Thomas Dimitroff's Contract Extension Is Richly Deserved

The architect doesn't always get credit.

Sometimes, when your breathtaking landmark is completed, it's easy to heap praise on the construction workers and those managing the work, the ones who bring a vision to life. But that vision is so important.

That's why Thomas Dimitroff deserves his multi-year extension, announced Wednesday by the team and reported by D. Orlando Ledbetter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He's been recognized numerous times here at The Falcoholic and in the world outside for his work—2010 Sporting News NFL Executive Of The Year, anyone?—but it's tough to overstate just how instrumental he's been in the team's sudden three-year run of success.

He's drafted guys like Matt Ryan and William Moore, signed players like Michael Turner and Dunta Robinson, and stocked the team with depth and youth at several key positions. There's no reason to believe he's going to suddenly turn into the GM equivalent of a pumpkin, either, as he's brought a patience and vision of a smart, disciplined team this far and is clearly intent on bringing the Falcons all the way to elite status. He deserves the chance to do it.

The Falcons had already locked up Coach Mike Smith to a three-year extension which was equally well-deserved, but with this move the brain trust remains intact for the next few seasons. There has never been a better time to be a fan of the Atlanta Falcons than now.

That, more than anything, is why I believe these extensions were warranted. Your thoughts?