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Falcons TWESTOTE (Tweet, Stat, or Quote) of the Day

Matty Ice's adjusted yards/attempt (career average of 6.8 AY/A - 12th among active QBs) is a contentious issue around these parts.

Some argue it's not his fault, due to MM's conservative play calling and a lack of offensive (specifically deep threat) weapons to work with. Others argue he'll need to raise his AY/A average to be great/bring The Lombardi to the A-T-L.  Here's the top ten all-time single-season AY/A averages:

To be fair, stellar AYAs do seem to produce playoff and, more often than not, SB appearances. Still, I'm still lost re: how Ryan can raise his AYA with MM at the reins/Roddy as his only deep threat. I mean, he could just audible his butt off and hope like heck that Jenks/Douglas suddenly realize their deep threat potential. Otherwise the only way his AY/A goes up IMO is if we draft another second receiver/MM takes a few more chances down-field.

What say y'all?