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Falcons Release Erik Coleman, Re-Sign Coy Wire

I think I said my piece yesterday, but I do feel a twinge of melancholy seeing Erik Coleman let go after three seasons with the Falcons.

Coleman was a good guy, by all accounts a good teammate and a solid safety for the Falcons over the course of 2008-09, when he started every game. Now behind William Moore on the depth chart and owed $3 million, it was time for Coleman to move on, and he's likely to get a shot at a starting job elsewhere in 2011.

I'll remember him best for blowing up the occasional running back and providing some of the steadiest tackling on the team, and, of course, for Rollin' with Coleman over at the official site.

Good luck, Erik.

In other news, Adam Caplan reports that the Falcons have re-signed Coy Wire to a two year deal. Nobody wants to see Wire having to start in place of Curtis Lofton, but he's an excellent special teamer, so he'll live to tackle another day.