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Falcons Who Rose Up In 2010: Tyson Clabo

Does anyone remember when Tyson Clabo wasn't great? Thanks to the magic of archives, you can relieve my embarrassing predictions in all their glory if you don't recall it.

At every turn in his career, Clabo has beat the odds. Undrafted free agent? He still got a roster spot with the Falcons and eventually booted Kynan Forney out of a starting job. Too much of a guard to kick outside? I don't think so, considering he's been starting there since Todd Weiner retired. And improbably, he only got better in 2010, to my own two eyes.

Without a wealth of stats to point to, I'm not going to spend all day on Clabo, but he's grown in my estimation to the point where I can't see the Falcons letting him walk. With Mike Johnson waiting in the wings at guard and Clabo grading out as above-average across the board and seemingly hitting his stride, he might be the priority on the offensive line.

Weigh in on Mr. Clabo.