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New Orleans Saints Continue Exhausting Off-Season

I'll periodically be checking in our division rivals as news develops among the hated other teams of the NFC South. Right now, things are quiet for the Panthers and Bucs, who are riding waves of good feelings even though the Panthers, at least, are probably years away from contending for a division title again.

There is, however, drama in New Orleans.

In an off-season with revelations about the secret treatment of Drew Brees' MCL injury, fretting over a long list of free agents and the bitter disappointment of a playoff loss to the Seahawks, Saints fans are now coping with Sean Payton moving to Dallas. That'd be Dallas, Texas, which you might know as the home of the Cowboys. The team he used to coach for.

Now, it's entirely possible that the fans at Canal Street Chronicles who are diving headfirst into lifeboats are overreacting, but it's an odd contrast to the warm and fuzzies surrounding Atlanta's Mike Smith (extended) and Tampa Bay's Raheem Morris (staying on). At best, it's a weird move, one that's going to serve as a distraction during a critical off-season for the Saints. At worst, the official line about Payton having no interest in a job with the Cowboys is wrong, and that throws everything into chaos.

You hate to see it happen to anyone, but it is the hated Saints. I'll be watching this develop.