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Report: Mike Mularkey Will Not Get Titans Coaching Job

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The most controversial coach on Mike Smith's staff looks to be coming back to Atlanta.

The Nashville Tennessean reports that the Titans are prepared to hire in-house candidate Mike Munchak as their newest head coach, little surprise given that he was the prohibitive favorite all along. Mike Mularkey was a dark horse candidate, as he was in the Broncos and Browns coaching searches, but it appears his last train out of the Georgia Dome left the station while he threw luggage at it.

Honestly, I've grown comfortable with the idea of continuity. I know there's a large and vocal contingent of Falcons fans who believe Mularkey couldn't be aggressive if he contracted rabies, but I believe the team needs to upgrade the talent on offense and see what happens. If I'm Mike Smith, I'm certainly encouraging Mularkey to be a little more creative, but if I'm Thomas Dimitroff, I'm looking to give him some new toys. I remain convinced the team will target a wide receiver in the early rounds, and they may look for a weapons-grade running back in the mid-to-late rounds, as well.

At the risk of once again sharply dividing the community, discuss Mularkey's return.