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A Potential Falcon Free Agent: Richard Seymour

Blame the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Mark Bradley for this one.

I know I just said that Champ Bailey was not a possibility for the Falcons, something I stick by unless his asking price goes way, way down. But the Falcons do have a need for more pressure along the defensive line, which makes Richard Seymour a possibility.

What's he got going for him? Well, with 5.5 sacks in 2010, he would have automatically have been the second best pass rusher on the team. Seymour can play defensive tackle and defensive end skillfully, and he's about as stout a run-stopper as you would hope for.

Of course, there are problems with this. Seymour won't be cheap, he'll have plenty of suitors and he's not really a game-changing talent at this stage of his career. Bradley argues that the Falcons need some veteran talent and indicates that the team might be looking for that, but I think talent trumps all. If there's a defensive end available in the draft that can do the same job for less money, you can bet the team will go for them.

But it's an intriguing possibility. I've seen Seymour play enough over the years to know he's a talented dude, and he's certainly not a guy I'd say no to if the Falcons believe he'd fit in. For a team already looking to replace John Abraham in the near future, it might not make sense to bring in another player on the wrong side of 30. Then again, the lure of a Super Bowl is a powerful siren call, indeed.

Weigh in, if you would.