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Congratulations To Deion Sanders, First Hall Of Fame Falcon

I didn't want Jason Kirk to feel lonely in his appreciation of Deion Sanders, so here we are.

The man they call Neon is in the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, a richly deserved honor. You can knock his infamous aversion to tackling, but he was one of the greatest cover cornerbacks of his generation and a man whose physical skills are truly legendary. He also scored 22 touchdowns on defense and special teams, making him a big-play threat despite being on the side of the ball usually praised for making games snoozeworthy.

And make no mistake, he's going in with the Falcons logo emblazoned on his soul. Though he underwent a messy divorce with the team back in 1994, going to the hated 49ers, Sanders played five seasons with Atlanta, which matches the five he spent with Dallas. In total, 24 of his 53 career interceptions came with the Falcons, and so did three of his nine career defensive touchdowns. He'll always be remembered as a Falcon for a significant portion of the population, and that's good enough for me.

Take a second today to share your memories of Sanders, if you have any. Congratulations to Deion.