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Saturday Six Pack: Should He Stay Or Should He Go Edition 2/5/11

I'm sure we'll all be enjoying a few cold six packs of these this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl!
I'm sure we'll all be enjoying a few cold six packs of these this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl!

So the Super Bowl is tomorrow. (Go Pack.)

I hope it's a good game, for entertainment's sake. Finding Falcons news is becoming increasingly difficult, but for now we'll take what we can get.

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

Bleacher Report: So I wanted to put this article by David Barbour on the front page because when I read

" Once again, there is mounting evidence that the hype surrounding Ryan does not truly equal the production on the field."

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or what. That being the very same Ryan that launched 50 passes with no INTs against the Ravens and had only 4 incompletions in Falcons-Packers 1. If stats are giving you ^^ that conclusion, you can keep them. I'll keep our "overhyped" QB (who is a winner), thanks.

AJC: Gasp. Someone not named DOL has contributed to the SSP with a fine read. This article from Mike Tierney over at the AJC is a nice little read about Ovie's singing pipes. Seriously, I didn't know he could sing. That's pretty awesome, and he sings in his church choir, too. Ovie does it all, I tell ya. I also found it funny that MM said "You owe me one." for the TD in the Pro Bowl. Guess MM isn't all bad.

CBS Sports: This video, which is a youtube link, is a video of Coach Smith taking some time to discuss Matt Ryan, his thoughts on the past season, and where everything is headed. As usual, he speaks in such a way that really eliminates any worry of anything. Good ol' Coach Smith. I'm glad he's hanging around a while longer, myself.

ESPN: Pat Yasinskas returns with his opinion on Coach Smith's extension and its timing. It's a nice little read, and I think he's spot on about getting this over and done with now. I'm sure Mr. Blank is very active in the owners' meetings as far as the new CBA goes, so he may know something if he's so unafraid to sign Coach Smith to an extension so soon.

ProFootballWeekly: Dan Parr over at Pro Football Weekly writes this article about Smitty's contract extension and how he's handling it. It's a nice, short little read and again, it just shows how nobody is panicking or worrying about anything in spite of getting blown out of the Dome a few weeks ago. I tell ya what, I honestly believe we're going to rebound and be just fine. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Random Funny: Steve Hughes is an Australian comedian who also plays drums in a death metal band. Before I share the link with you, just know that, while I think he is pretty funny, his stuff is pretty mature rated for the most part. It's most definitely NSFW (cussy, mature stuff), but he has some good stuff. The first few minutes of this video are geared towards more of the international crowd, but (in my opinion) he has some good stuff later on. I think some of the international fans on here might appreciate it a bit more, but check it out.