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Not A Potential Falcons Free Agent Signings: Champ Bailey

At the risk of kicking off another off-season of "Letz sign Terrell Owens LOL" posts, I'm going a little out there for this one. And shooting down your dreams. Hey, it's what I do.

We all know that Champ Bailey, one of the great cornerbacks of his era, is an impending free agent. We know he wants to play for a Super Bowl contender. We also know he's due for one more good contract before he rides off into the sunset. I happen to know a certain Atlanta football teams with those aspirations.

Despite that, it's probably ridiculous to think that the Falcons would sign someone like Bailey, especially when they so clearly need to lock up Brent Grimes. There's little doubt that Bailey is better than Dunta Robinson, but he's also 33 years old and, career-wise, is in a greased up wagon on top of a very steep hill. Having two elderly corners patrolling back there legitimately scares the feathers out of me.

So in our first installment, let it be known that Champ Bailey will not be a Falcon. Don't even think about it.