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Falcons TWESTOTE (Tweet, Stat, or Quote) of the Day

Spoon had this to say today (via Twitter):

#Randomthought I know the o linemen who left Indy yesterday were so drunk on the plane, trust me haha

Just goes to show: you can't put all your stock in combine performance. These guys are training their butts off just to make an impression. Fastest 40 yard dash most of them will ever run. Guarantee you.

I'm personally thrilled TD has gone on record about on-field performance needing to match or exceed combine performance. It's not that these guys are trying to dupe anyone; they're just trying to make a living, and I'm certainly not faulting them for that.

Meanwhile, Al Davis breaks the bank on an ACC receiver who managed 13 touchdowns over his four-year college career. I think y'all know who I'm talking about.